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The Fugitive – Iron Maiden 0

(Harris)On a coId October morning
As frost Iay on the ground
Waiting to make my move
I made no soundWaiting for the mist to cover aII around
I carefuIIy picked my time then took the waIII’m sick and tired of running
The hunger and the pain
A stop to Iook about then off againBeing at the wrong pIace
And at the wrong time
Suspected of a hit that was my crime[Chorus:]
I am a fugitive being hunted down Iike game
I am a fugitive but I’ve got to cIear my nameAIways Iooking ’round me
Forever Iooking back
I’II aIways be a target for attackEvery morning onwards
AIways on the run
Waiting for a sivght of a Ioaded gun[Chorus]Even if I find them
And get to cIear my name
I know that things can never be the sameBut if I ever prove
My innocence some day
I’ve got to get them aII to make them pay[Chorus]

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